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Broadcast2World is one fo the world's largest producers of explainer videos, and the only US-based company to have an entirely in-house team. The company starts the process by learning everything they can about a client's problems, and then get to work putting the strategic direction into the companies video in their tone and delivered message. They understand that the best relationships are those that are founded on honesty, and strive to have transparency in all aspects of production. Pricing is direct and upfront, with no hidden or unexpected costs. They also value their customers time and deliver products that are as expected and on time. With thousands of second of video produced since 2009, Broadcast2World has the experience necessary to creatively and passionately tell the story your business needs. They were early among those who recognized the value of animation and create animations of all type, including Motion comic style, infographic, whiteboard, stop-motion, 2.5D and 3D among others.