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Patrick Ortman Inc. is a video production company based in Los Angeles and New York City that was developed and is owned and operated by its namesake, Patrick Ortman. Patrick Ortman Inc. has developed media content for 11 Fortune 500 Companies, including BMW, AT&T, Pepsi Co.,and UCLA. It offers services in commercial development, corporate video, storytelling, and creative and technical videography. Patrick Ortman Inc. also works with small businesses to produce relevant material for the training of workers and the development of marketing strategies. Patrick Ortman Inc. has been highly praised by past clients for its attention to detail and quality of videography. Since its development in the early 1990s, the company has earned several prestigious awards for videography, including the ADDYs, TELLYs, IMAs, and the Platinum Award. This production company has also been featured in several leading news organizations (The New York Times and USA today most recently) for its critically acclaimed film production.