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With nearly forty years in the video production industry, Montreal-based Stonehaven produces high quality content that is innovative and effective. If you need a training video produced that is engaging, smart, and creative, Stonehaven is your best bet. They do everything in-house from the beginning storyboards, through casting and filming, all the way to editing and other post-production tasks. Stonehaven will work with you to ensure they can capture your vision and mission, and they will use that vision to create an amazing video. Whether you want to share new ideas, on-board new members of your team efficiently, or teach your team about a new company initiative, Stonehaven will create the best training video for your needs. Instead of the grainy production and cheesy script of typical training videos, Stonehaven produces sharp, smart content that is well-written, timely, and interesting. A training video made by Stonehaven means your team will take notice.